1. Extreme Performance Molecular Sieve for Air SeparationCompared with ordinary 13X APG, our product can adsorb at least 50% more carbon dioxide while consuming less power. Hence, it is particularly suitable for use in all kinds of large-sized cryogenic and PSA air separation equipment.
    1. Effective Molecular Sieve for Oxygen GenerationThis product possesses such remarkable features as ultra high nitrogen-adsorbing capacity, high efficiency for the separation of nitrogen and oxygen, as well as fast speed for dynamic adsorption and desorption, among others.
    1. 3A Molecular Sieve
    2. 3A Molecular SieveWith the pore diameter of 3 angstroms, our 3A molecular sieve is able to adsorb the molecule whose critical diameter is not more than 3Å, i.e., 0.3 nm. It is produced in full compliance with the GB/T 10504-2008 standard.
    1. 4A Molecular Sieve
    2. 4A Molecular SieveProduced in compliance with the HG/T 2524-1993 standard, our 4A molecular sieve features a main crystal structure of eight-membered rings with the pore size of 4Å .
    1. 5A Molecular Sieve
    2. 5A Molecular SieveThis microporous substance can remove water, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other impurities from the raw gas in the air purification system.
    1. 13X Molecular Sieve
    2. 13X Molecular SieveThe 13X molecular sieve mainly comprises aluminosilicate. The silicon-oxygen and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedrons make up the FAU type framework structure. The main crystal hole is of a twelve-membered ring structure.
    1. Molecular Sieve for Ethanol Dehydration
    2. Molecular Sieve for Ethanol DehydrationWhen used to dewater ethanol, methanol and other alcohols, our product only absorbs water rather than these alcohols. The high-purity anhydrous ethanol obtained after dehydration is widely applied in such fields as food, bio-fuel, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industry.
    1. Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen Purification
    2. Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen PurificationThis product is mainly used for the hydrogen production by pressure swing adsorption (PSA). It is also used in the equipment for carbon monoxide production and the device for the separation of n-alkane and isoparaffin.